Face to Face Interviews

Face to face interviewing is the most frequently used quantitative research method at NexGen. Interviews can be conducted in the respondent’s home or workplace, in halls, in market places or on the streets.

Face-to-face interviewing is most effective because respondents are more likely to give their undivided attention when an interviewer is present. We have the industry best interviewers in our team. Our build rapport with the respondent without, of course, in any way introducing bias by leading the respondent or “explaining” the questions in his/her own words. We use interviewers of almost every language spoken in India.

NexGen frequently use the stimulus materials while conducting the F2F interviews. Some of the stimulus materials used in surveys are:

  • Print advertisement or photo sequence of any product or advertisement or event
  • Show cards to help answers in scales
  • A prompt card with a list of brands or product attributes
  • Pictures or an actual range of new or existing packaging

F2F research @NexGen