Market Research for Startups

To start a new business you require a good concept and some initial investment. Most believes that starting a business is a not a complex thing but to run a business for a long time can be complex. NexGen Research Services ensures how to take off your business for a long run. For the startups NexGen ensures to go with facts and figures.

NexGen helps to potential business owners –

  • To identify the value of the product or service to the potential customers
  • Why should someone buy your product or service?
  • Who are the potential customers?
  • Who are the competition?
  • What is your competitive advantage?

NexGen Research can help in initial strategies for developing new products and services. We ensure how to sustainand grow your business.

Feasibility studies to start any new business

Every business plan is good if it includes the in-depth market analysis. It is important to understand your customers and preferences. NexGen has the expertise to conduct the feasibility studies for any product or services in varied sectors. NexGen helps to identify the potential customers and their reaction towards the new product or service.

Case studies - Feasibility studies:

  1. Feasibility study to open a hospital
  2. Feasibility study to open a showroom
  3. Feasibility study to open the skill development centres
  4. Feasibility study to open a school
  5. Feasibility study to open a restaurant
  6. Feasibility study to open a discotheque/bar
  7. Feasibility study to start a e-commerce portal
  8. Feasibility study to start a new company

For business start ups and new product ideas, NexGen assist in developing the service / product mix, identifying the right locations, finding the optimum price, developing the right business and communication strategies.

Market size, market potential, growth rate and future prospects/trends studies

For startups it is important to know market size, potential, past growth rate and future trends, so that the product or services can be rightly placed. NexGen Researchers have expertise in finding out the current/existing market size and market potential for any product or services.

Case studies - Market size, potential, growth rate and prospects studies:

  1. Market size and market potential for Sealant in India
  2. Market potential for Digital X-Ray, Blood Analyzers and Dental CT in India
  3. Organic clothing in India

User perception studies for new launches

We do not encourage clients to launch any product or services without end user perception. NexGen Researchers make sure to take the perception of the users, so that they can share their views.

Case studies -User perception for new launches:

  1. One of the famous health drink brand