Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

At NexGen, we take the issue of maintaining the confidence of our clients and respondents seriously. We adhere to the Marketing Research Association's (MRA) standards for maintaining the confidentiality of our respondents and even take it a step or two further:

  • We have a departmental destruction plan in place so no respondent or client information ever sees the light
    of day in one piece.
  • Our back up taping is burned onto DVD, and when no longer needed, simply broken by our technician.
  • All hard copy screeners, interviews, and respondent lists are shredded and destroyed.
  • We allow limited personnel access to the records contained in our database.
  • Product is checked in by one of our management staff, then stored until its use in a secured area.
  • We always sign a separate Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) for each project / assignment with the client.
  • To sign the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is mandatory for all interviewers and supervisors involved in the project.

We believe maintaining this level of security is necessary to provide the level of service we promise to those who are relying on our judgment to make their project a success.

Privacy Policy

Your opinions are very important to us and to our clients. Your answers help shape public policy, assist in the development of new products and services, and provide companies with information regarding your experiences and satisfaction.
We want to assure you that any information you provide us with will be kept private at all times, and will be used for no purpose other than research.
At NexGen we value you as an individual, look forward to your continued participation in marketing research studies, and agree to provide you with the following privacy, honesty and confidentiality standards which are based on the Marketing Research Association's Code of Marketing Research Standards

  • We will treat you with respect and not influence your opinions or attitudes on any issue.
  • We will act in a professional manner and ensure your privacy and confidentiality.
  • We will provide factually correct information to you to ask for your cooperation and will honor any promise made during the interview.
  • Your cooperation is on a strictly voluntary basis, and you have the right to withdraw from a research project at any time.
  • Your personal information will be linked to the data collected only for the purpose of validation and evaluating data in aggregate based on demographic information and modeling. We assure you that any personally identifiable information will remain confidential and be used for research purposes only.
  • We will obtain and document your consent if any personally identifiable information may be recorded by audio or video technology.
  • We will obtain permission and document consent of a parent or legal guardian before interviewing children 13 years of age or younger.
  • We will not use the answers provided by you to sell you anything or to ask for money.
  • Since all of the research we conduct and collect is of a confidential nature, we will not reveal any information regarding the identity of our clients without their written authorization.