Retail Research

Our vast experience in retail research made us specialist in retail research services. We understand that products at the retail point is the key motivating factor. We have a deep understanding of buyers and their buying behaviours. It is important to focus some of the key areas at retail points:

  • Actual requirement of a customer
  • Customer behavior, his needs, habits, preferences, etc.
  • Main motivators and barriers at retail points
  • Optimize the point of sale (POS)
  • Role of displays to the customers
  • Interactions of the sales teams

It is extremely important to know how the customers think and feel about your product or services. We work hard to get the deep insight of the consumer decision making and buying behavior process. Mystery shopping at retails counters is our USP.

Retail measurement services and retail audits

NexGen retail measurement services (NMRS) and retail audits are widely used practices to track any at brand retail outlet. Our team of expert researchers recruit the retail outlets based on various parameters. We conduct the regular audits among those outlets for each brand and variants.

Case studies – Retail audits:

  • Retail audits for some of the leading FMCG brand in India including ITC
  • Retail audits for an Ice Cream brand

Mystery shopping and insights

Mystery shopping is the USB of NexGen Market Research Services. We conduct the mystery shopping in almost every sector. The selection of mystery shoppers in any project is rigorous process. We select the mystery shoppers as per product or service profile. Our mystery shoppers includes from a Cigarette buyer to a luxury car or a flat buyer. The training process for the mystery shoppers is unique and we encourage mystery shoppers to behave as natural as possible. Many times our shoppers accompany the actual shoppers and get the insight by observing the actual customers and service provider.

Taking the advantage of technology, we have installed CCTV cameras at many stores. We track each interaction carefully and comes out with the new ideas. It gives us real time data and insight at the store.

Case studies – Mystery Shopping:

  • Mystery shopping for Cars in India
  • Mystery shopping for restaurant
  • Mystery shopping for telecom services in India
  • Mystery shopping for kitchen appliances
  • Mystery shopping for FCMCG companies in India

Display and merchandising services

Sales and stock tracking research

Retail audit has two main components – sales audit and stock audit. NexGen Market Research Services do a lot of stock and sales audits for some of the leading brands. The audit being done for a period of time to track the sales and purchases at retail stores. It is one of the best tool to find out the existing brands and sales of existing products. It is helpful in estimating the market size of a particular product.

Case studies – Sales and stock tracking research:

  • Sales and stock tracking studies for Cigarette brands in India
  • Sales and stock tracking studies for Ice Cream brand in India
  • Sales and stock tracking studies for a Mustard Oil brand in India