Fact Check

About Fact Check

NexGen has a proprietary Quality Measurement Tool FactCheck.

We use an operating manual that outlines strict research guidelines. Emphasis is placed on quality control to achieve the accurate results. Fieldwork is always handled by qualified professionals throughout the country. Randomly selected data is validated by the respective Field Manager for quality control purposes.

Quality Management

Qualitative research is 100% fully reviewed by management.

Quantitative research includes validation of 30% of sample size.

Adhere to established ESOMAR, CASRO and MSPA Standards.

Compulsory formal training for all new interviewers & compulsory attendance on briefings.

Clients are invited and encouraged to attend all training sessions.

Field pilots of all questionnaires and guidelines.


Management System

Location Validation

  • Verify the exact location of the interview.
  • Track the interviewer movements.
  • Review the travel time and directions.

Interview Duration

  • Verify the number of interviews in a day.
  • Verify the duration of interview.
  • Gap between two interviews.

Response Quality

  • Verify the responses of the respondents.
  • Verify if anyone rush through interview.
  • Open end responses for junks, non- sense response.

Recording Validation

  • Verify the sound recordings during interview.
  • Verify if interviewer clear in instructions.
  • Timing of the response through recording.

Respondent Quality

  • Verify the respondent SEC meeting survey need.
  • Verify the quotas with the respondents information's.
  • Random checks to verify genuine respondents.

Data Consistency

  • Consistency in responses.
  • Inter question validation.
  • Logical errors.