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During last 15 years we have successfully completed more than 1000 projects for academic and education industry. We assist academic institutions in data collection and analytical services.

Real Estate & Construction

We have more than 50 companies and startups from real estate and construction sector in India. Our real estate and construction services market includes markets for constructed buildings and engineering projects (e.g., highways and utility systems), and services provided by entities.

Banking & Financial Services

A number of banking and financial services companies served by NexGen for hundreds of market research assignments in India.

Professional & Business Services

Our business and professional service market covers services that provide support to businesses in all industries. We provide professional services offered to individuals and institutions across the globe.


We are continuously serving companies in hospitality sector like Hotel, Hospital, Airlines & other hospitality sectors.

Social Research Services

NexGen has developed a separate division to cater the social sectors including government projects, ministries, govt departments, social sector agencies, etc.

Other Services

We cater other gamut of the service industry.