Healthcare Market Research

Healthcare Research – (Healthcare Market Research)

With the invent of new products and services, the healthcare sector become more complex due to the high cost, intense competition, mediocre services provided by many players, growing dissatisfaction among patients. Now it is important for a service providers to render the services strategically. The success of a healthcare organization now relies primarily on competitive intelligence, market insights, in-depth knowledge, and strategic planning. Now healthcare market research becomes extremely important to succeed and win the heart of the patients.

NexGen provides a range of healthcare market research services:

Feasibility Study to start a healthcare facility like:
•   Hospital
•   Nursing home
•   Day-care centre
•   Imaging centre
•   Path lab
•   Dialysis centre
•   Chemotherapy/radiotherapy centre
•   Medical store

Market Potential/Opportunities study for :
•   Medical devices
•   Hospital equipment
•   Healthcare services (therapeutic areas/diseases)

Doctors Studies
•   Medical devices
•   Oncologist
•   Cardiologist
•   Gastroenterologist
•   Orthopaedics
•   Obstetrics and Gynaecology
•   Dermatology
•   Paediatrics
•   Ophthalmology
•   General Physician
•   Chest Medicine
•   Anaesthesia
•   ENT
•   Diabetologist
•   Pulmonologist
•   Internal Medicine
•   Radiology
•   General Surgery
•   Pathologist/Microbiologist
Healthcare market research @NexGen

Primary Healthcare Market Research

NexGen conduct primary research using these methods:
•   Medical devices
•   Online Surveys
•   Face to face surveys
•   Telephonic surveys
•   In-depth interviews
•   Ethnographic research in healthcare settings
•   Focus Groups in Healthcare Settings

Secondary Healthcare Market Research

NexGen has expertise in conducting the secondary healthcare market research. Following are key sources to get the data:
•   Published market research reports
•   Consumer reports and industry reports
•   Healthcare provider websites
•   News, blogs and articles
•   Industry updates
•   Census data
•   Interviews

Case Studies: Healthcare Research Projects